Designed For Property Management

We provide customized courses for dog owners/residents that increase cash flow, mitigate liability, reduce property damage, and other dog related incidents.

Why our course works

  • Canine Body Language

    We educate renters on basic canine body language to help prevent aggressive incidents.

  • Cleaner Spaces

    Our course highlights the benefits of cleaning up and properly disposing of pet waste.

  • Calm and Safe

    We show how to maintain a calm and safe dog indoors and how to prevent unwanted contact with maintenance staff and others.

  • Defined Responsibility

    We place responsibility solely with the pet owner in the event of an incident.

  • Protect Your Assets

    A community following our course's guidelines will help reduce damage to real estate assets and reduce on-site liability.

What We Do

Help you maintain a profitable, safe, and beautiful property by educating people about dogs.

Reduce dog related incidents and liability.
Three Dogs noses sticking out from under a blanket

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Let us be your guide to a safer, calmer, cleaner and happier community
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Benefits To Property Management

  • Reduced Liability In The Event Of A Pet Related Incident
  • Cleaner Properties With Less Dog Waste
  • Increased Cash Flow
  • Reduced Property Damages From Pets